UFC 20th Anniversary


Come join the UFC and ATT Evolution in celebrating the UFC’s 20th anniversary  November 5th for the “20 Days to UFC 167″ Tour.

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Woodley got robbed


“Does anyone think Jake won that fight!?! WTF??? Woodley got ROBBED!!”

This was the statement made by UFC president Dana White after the controversial split decision given to Shields over Woodley in their bout Saturday night.

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I’m submitting Jake Shields.


Tyron Woodley recently did an interview for bjpenn radio and discussed his upcoming fight with Jake Shields.

“I predict me frustrating Jake Shields.  I predict him trying to touch my leg.  I predict me abusing him and basically giving him a whoopin’ just like a kid that did something their parents told them not to.  And I’m going to do that for 15 minutes, and if he gives me any gap, any wince that he wants to get taken out, then I’m gonna take him out.  That’s the game plan.  I’ll try to finish him off with the hands, if not, I plan on winning every single round.” read more


Tyron Moves to the UFC, dominates in 1st round

Tyron Woodley KO Hieron

It only took 36 seconds for Tyron to crush his opponent, Jay Hieron, in his UFC debut on Saturday night. Hieron, who was lined for a Welterweight title shot against GSP, has had 12 first-round KO’s himself and was predicted to be a formidable opponent for Tyron.

Tyron blitzed Hieron after a fake Superman punch and taking him to the ground with a strong overhand to the left side of his head. He quickly finished Hieron with an explosive series of brutal ground strikes.

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Tyron hits the bigscreen as a Secret Service Agent

Olympus has Fallen

If you have the chance to see Olympus Has Fallen, be sure to look out for Tyron Woodley. The UFC welterweight made his acting debut as a Secret Service Agent in the new Hollywood action flick.

“I’m Secret Service, so when you see those limos pulling up in the trailer, that’s me standing there burning up in the Shreveport sun,” Woodley admitted, discussing his new side gig and potential post-fight career. “I’m SWAT, so I come out of the White House blasting and get shot up again. I’m a sniper, and I’m also a DC cop, so when the trash trucks blow through those police cars, I’m the one that’s running trying not to get hit by the car. I got my little test of danger in this movie. read more