UFC’s Tyron Woodley not surprised by stories of racism at the University of Missouri

In the wake of the recent controversy at the University of Missouri over incidents of racism, our very own Tyron Woodley, himself a former student at Mizzou, decided to do some research on the matter. Marc Raimondi from MMAFighting.com posted an article about the whole incident, going into the history of the more recent displays at racism, and included stories of when Tyron was a student at Mizzou and recounting how things were not as good back then as they are now for African-American students. You can read more about it at this link.


UFC 183 results

This past Saturday, January 31st, Tyron “The Chosen One” Woodley took on welterweight Kevin Gastelum in UFC 183 for a title shot. While Gastelum proved to be a challenging fighter, Tyron eventually won by a split decision, wherein two of three judges voted for The Chosen One. Here’s hoping the next fight will be just as much of a challenge as the previous one, or even more so.


Mind Body Blog on P5 Protocol

I had plenty of challenges.  Since my father left when I was young, every day was a struggle to survive in my large family.  I was the 11th child out of 13 children.  Despite being raised by a single mother far from wealth, she still taught us about love, support, compassion, having each other’s backs.  She was a loving mom but she was tough, because she feared if she pampered us we would make excuses in life instead of a difference! I also had people who invested in my life and introduced me to different way of thinking, and even to wrestling.  I experienced firsthand on how just some time and re-directing in a child’s life can make a major difference.

Being in certain types of environments it makes the kids think this is all they can expect, and someone need to let them know IT’S NOT.  They need encouragement to believe there are other things out here and they can pave their own way.  They’re in a quite hard atmosphere and one hour taking and redirecting their minds means so much to them and to their future. I wanted to be a part of encouraging them to be successful in life, have a good career, a family, and be something that is positive.  Let them know that they may not receive a ton of opportunity, but the ones they DO, to maximize it!

I’ll tell them, “If you have a drip left, give it! What are you saving it for?  Don’t save it in the classroom, don’t save it on the mat, and don’t save it in life!”

This is really my passion and what I take pleasure in doing. Individuals assume that battling is your life however, talking to youngsters, mentoring, repaying, that’s my interest. This will be my last job, and I truly look forward to it!


UFC Fight Night 48 results: Tyron Woodley knocks out Dong Hyun Kim in 61 seconds

MMA: UFC 161-Shields vs Woodley

Well, that was quick.

The co-main event of today’s (Sat., Aug. 23, 2014) UFC Fight Night 48: “Bisping vs. Le” event at the Venetian in Macau, China on Fight Pass featured Tyron Woodley looking to bounce back from his crushing loss to Rory MacDonald against the streaking Dong Hyun Kim.

Streaking no longer.

That’s because Woodley did, indeed, bounce back with a quick stoppage victory. Kim was super aggressive early, rushing his opponent and forcing a clinch within the first few seconds of the contest. After a stalemate, the two reset in the center of the cage and loaded up.

When “Stun Gun” fired, it was with a spinning back elbow. “T-Wood” was ready for it, though, and timed a big counter punch that landed clean and dropped Kim. The follow up assault was enough to force the referee to step in and call a stop to the action.

This lasted roughly one minute.


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Originally written by Geno Mrosko for mmamania.com on Aug. 23, 2014