Cooking With The Champ: Episode 1

Tyron Woodley is the current UFC Welterweight Champion, Sports Analyst, Actor, husband and father. Even with his busy schedule, Tyron loves to cook and entertain family and friends. This is Episode 1 Season 1 of his new Youtube series with Restaurant Owner Qui Tran.




SilencerCo Op

Got an opportunity to do a short film / commercial with SilencerCo Op shot by Lamart Logan of Fast Hands Productions featuring my self and some of the homies from mascot agency. Check it out and be sure to follow & subscribe to the youtube channel.


Tyron hits the bigscreen as a Secret Service Agent

Olympus has Fallen

If you have the chance to see Olympus Has Fallen, be sure to look out for Tyron Woodley. The UFC welterweight made his acting debut as a Secret Service Agent in the new Hollywood action flick.

“I’m Secret Service, so when you see those limos pulling up in the trailer, that’s me standing there burning up in the Shreveport sun,” Woodley admitted, discussing his new side gig and potential post-fight career. “I’m SWAT, so I come out of the White House blasting and get shot up again. I’m a sniper, and I’m also a DC cop, so when the trash trucks blow through those police cars, I’m the one that’s running trying not to get hit by the car. I got my little test of danger in this movie. read more