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I had plenty of challenges.  Since my father left when I was young, every day was a struggle to survive in my large family.  I was the 11th child out of 13 children.  Despite being raised by a single mother far from wealth, she still taught us about love, support, compassion, having each other’s backs.  She was a loving mom but she was tough, because she feared if she pampered us we would make excuses in life instead of a difference! I also had people who invested in my life and introduced me to different way of thinking, and even to wrestling.  I experienced firsthand on how just some time and re-directing in a child’s life can make a major difference.

Being in certain types of environments it makes the kids think this is all they can expect, and someone need to let them know IT’S NOT.  They need encouragement to believe there are other things out here and they can pave their own way.  They’re in a quite hard atmosphere and one hour taking and redirecting their minds means so much to them and to their future. I wanted to be a part of encouraging them to be successful in life, have a good career, a family, and be something that is positive.  Let them know that they may not receive a ton of opportunity, but the ones they DO, to maximize it!

I’ll tell them, “If you have a drip left, give it! What are you saving it for?  Don’t save it in the classroom, don’t save it on the mat, and don’t save it in life!”

This is really my passion and what I take pleasure in doing. Individuals assume that battling is your life however, talking to youngsters, mentoring, repaying, that’s my interest. This will be my last job, and I truly look forward to it!


UFC Fight Night 48 results: Tyron Woodley knocks out Dong Hyun Kim in 61 seconds

MMA: UFC 161-Shields vs Woodley

Well, that was quick.

The co-main event of today’s (Sat., Aug. 23, 2014) UFC Fight Night 48: “Bisping vs. Le” event at the Venetian in Macau, China on Fight Pass featured Tyron Woodley looking to bounce back from his crushing loss to Rory MacDonald against the streaking Dong Hyun Kim.

Streaking no longer.

That’s because Woodley did, indeed, bounce back with a quick stoppage victory. Kim was super aggressive early, rushing his opponent and forcing a clinch within the first few seconds of the contest. After a stalemate, the two reset in the center of the cage and loaded up.

When “Stun Gun” fired, it was with a spinning back elbow. “T-Wood” was ready for it, though, and timed a big counter punch that landed clean and dropped Kim. The follow up assault was enough to force the referee to step in and call a stop to the action.

This lasted roughly one minute.


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Originally written by Geno Mrosko for mmamania.com on Aug. 23, 2014


UFC 171: Tyron Woodley v. Carlos Condit fight results

Victory over Condit

This past Saturday saw UFC welterweights Carlos Condit and Tyron Woodley facing off in the pay-per-view co-main event of UFC 171 at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, TX. Both had a lot riding on the line, with Condit having previously lost to Martin Kampmann at UFC Fight Night 27, and Woodley knocking out Josh Koscheck at UFC 167, the most successful fight of his career to date. Tyron, oddly enough, wasn’t the first choice in the fight as he was ranked #11 and Condit was ranked #2, but Tyron kept pushing for it so much so that the UFC had no choice but to let him fight. This all led to one of the most tumultuous fights the UFC has had in quite some time.

As the fight started, Woodley has holding the dominant position, landing blow after blow against Condit. He managed to land two big rights, back Condit into a corner, and land some good uppercuts before Condit tagged him with a left and a kick. This led into Condit starting to take over the fight, as he managed to Woodley from a takedown with a triangle choke, though Woodley managed to back out of with a slam. After trying to land an errant high kick and being knocked down for it, Condit managed to get in some hard shots on Tyron before the round was over. It seemed Condit was going for a Rocky strategy, basically letting Tyron tire himself out on Condit before going in for the final blow.

Unfortunately for Condit, it soon turned into Rocky 4 for him, in that the fight would soon take a pretty dark turn. First off, Tyron took him down again at the start of the second round, thus letting him take over the fight. Suddenly, Tyron threw a leg kick to Condit that left him falling to the ground in agonizing pain. Sadly, this devastating blow may lead to Condit being out of commission for quite some time. As for Woodley, having beaten such a high-ranking fighter as Condit, this could potentially see him getting matches with even better fighters in the near future. Some of the possible fighters he could duke it out with include Johny Hendricks, Rory MacDonald, or even his fellow American Top Team teammates Robbie Lawler and Hector Lombard.

It is very clear that Tyron Woodley is starting to make a pretty big name for himself in the UFC. The nicknamed “Chosen One” is certainly starting to live up to his name, as he has proven himself to be quite the fighter. Unfortunately, while he may not get an immediate title shot after the rather anticlimactic ending of his previous fight, Tyron may well be able to work his way to another big fight that might even win him the belt.


UFC 167 results: Tyron Woodley knocks out Josh Koscheck


Round 1: Herb Dean is the referee in charge of the action. Both fighters open orthodox and Woodley cracks Koscheck with a right hand and knee. He’s clearly hurt, but now Koscheck is pressing Woodley into the fence. Koscheck gets touched with a right, but returns the favor and Woodley is backing up. Koscheck gets rocked with a right and is on the ground. The fight looks close to being stopped, but is hanging on in full guard after being very badly hurt. Referee Dean stands them up for inactivity. Koscheck tries to press forward and eats an absolutely monster right hand that basically puts Koscheck out. Woodley landed another punch, but the referee had no choice but to step in.

Tyron Woodley def. Josh Kosheck via TKO (strikes) at 4:38 of round 1


UFC 20th Anniversary


Come join the UFC and ATT Evolution in celebrating the UFC’s 20th anniversary  November 5th for the “20 Days to UFC 167″ Tour.

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I’m submitting Jake Shields.


Tyron Woodley recently did an interview for bjpenn radio and discussed his upcoming fight with Jake Shields.

“I predict me frustrating Jake Shields.  I predict him trying to touch my leg.  I predict me abusing him and basically giving him a whoopin’ just like a kid that did something their parents told them not to.  And I’m going to do that for 15 minutes, and if he gives me any gap, any wince that he wants to get taken out, then I’m gonna take him out.  That’s the game plan.  I’ll try to finish him off with the hands, if not, I plan on winning every single round.” read more


Tyron Moves to the UFC, dominates in 1st round

Tyron Woodley KO Hieron

It only took 36 seconds for Tyron to crush his opponent, Jay Hieron, in his UFC debut on Saturday night. Hieron, who was lined for a Welterweight title shot against GSP, has had 12 first-round KO’s himself and was predicted to be a formidable opponent for Tyron.

Tyron blitzed Hieron after a fake Superman punch and taking him to the ground with a strong overhand to the left side of his head. He quickly finished Hieron with an explosive series of brutal ground strikes.

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Tyron hits the bigscreen as a Secret Service Agent

Olympus has Fallen

If you have the chance to see Olympus Has Fallen, be sure to look out for Tyron Woodley. The UFC welterweight made his acting debut as a Secret Service Agent in the new Hollywood action flick.

“I’m Secret Service, so when you see those limos pulling up in the trailer, that’s me standing there burning up in the Shreveport sun,” Woodley admitted, discussing his new side gig and potential post-fight career. “I’m SWAT, so I come out of the White House blasting and get shot up again. I’m a sniper, and I’m also a DC cop, so when the trash trucks blow through those police cars, I’m the one that’s running trying not to get hit by the car. I got my little test of danger in this movie. read more