"I want to make a statement in the UFC for my family and the people who support me. I'm glad I finished by knockout. This year is mine." Tyron Woodley


A native from the great cultural garden of the Midwest, Tyron Woodley calls the neighborhood of Ferguson, Missouri home. Growing up, he was primarily raised by his mother and it was a daily struggle to survive.

To avoid a life of crime, Tyron dedicated himself to academic and athletic excellence - refusing to become another victim of the stereotype of his environment.

He was always a talented athlete but, as a young wrestler, he was a two time High School All American, this, while also remaining a permanent fixture on the academic Honor Roll.

He continued on to attend the University of Missouri, where, in wrestling, he was a two time All American and the first Big 12 Champion in the history of the school.


After finishing college, Tyron's Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) career exploded with an impressive 7-0 record, in which his bouts ended by either Knock Out (KO) or submission.

After defeating Robbie Lawler and earning himself the coveted UFC championship belt in 2016, Tyron has successfully defended the belt 4 times - including, recently defeating rising star Darren Till at the UFC228 main event in Dallas, Texas. He is one of the most dominant Welterweight Champions in the history of combat sports.

Off the matts:

In the entertainment arena, Tyron has had several television and film roles, appearing in “Olympus Is Falling”, “Agent of Shields”, “Sons of Anarchy”, “The Player”, “Equalizer 2”, “Escape Plan 2”, “Sultan” “Kickboxer Vengeance”, “Breakout”, and the box office hit, “Straight Outta Compton”.

Tyron is also a successful analyst and commentator for the UFC on Fox as well as the host of his own weekly segment on TMZ called the “The Hollywood Beatdown”.

Most recently, Tyron has released his debut music single "I’ll Beat Yo Ass" featuring Wiz Khalifa and T-Dubb-0 (currently available on Spotify and iTunes).

Outside of MMA, Tyron enjoys spending time with his family and raising his four children.

Tyron is the proud owner of the ATT Evolution MMA and Fitness gym located in an energetic suburb of Brentwood, MO - where he has created a family oriented environment for people of all skills and disciplines.

He is also founder of the youth mentoring program "PS Protocol", which mentors and encourages inner city males.

ATT Evolution

Tyron recently opened his gym, ATT Evolution in the St. Louis suburb of Rock Hill. Here he hopes to create a family-oriented environment for people of all skills and disciplines. ATT Evolution takes the history and discipline of wrestling, boxing, Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai and shapes it into an exceptional learning experience. This 10,000 sq ft facility is stacked with the latest equipment and a knowledgeable staff to create a truly unique workout experience.

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